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What’s going on over there?

Many of our neighbors have been driving by the Kingdom Hall, on the corner of Brunswick and Burma roads, wondering what is going on …

The Kingdom Hall is being completely remodeled — we are adding 16 feet to the existing building, updating and upgrading inside and out. It will be totally handicapped accessible — something that was not required when it was originally built back in 1973.

The amazing thing about this remodel is that everyone you see working is a volunteer … many are in the construction trade, many have been trained to do specific jobs, just for working on Kingdom Halls, and many, like myself, have no talents but still volunteer to help out with whatever needs to be done.

Speaking for myself, it has been a real pleasure to be a part of this undertaking — to meet so many different ones from all areas who are not getting paid one cent to do this but are happy to be there.

And one other pretty amazing fact; Even though this work is being done by volunteers, we are actually ahead of schedule.

It will be a beautiful building when it is finished. We invite any who are interested to come take a look.

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