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What did we learn from the shutdown?

A few observations about what the shutdown has (hopefully) taught us:

1. America would be better off with women running Congress (e.g., the 20 women senators, including the two from New Hampshire, who work together across party lines);

2, From post-shutdown news coverage, it appears the radical right wing does not learn from its mistakes, losses or the facts;

3. To change a law, you need to go through the same process that was used to enact it;

4. When you find out you cannot appease a bully (tried in 2011), you fight back;

5. Some people do not understand that governing requires listening to one another, acknowledging that people of good faith can have different valid views and finding compromise and/or common ground;

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6. Americans, including businesses and the rest of the world, want our government to function;

7. Elections really do matter;

8. There is hope — business leaders are working to take back my former political party from the people who hijacked it and decided that we moderates were not welcome; and

9. As Warren Buffett made clear, a debt ceiling is redundant. The way to control debt is to bring revenue and expenditures into balance. What a concept!

Conni Barker

Penn Valley

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