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We’ve been had

I share the community's consternation at the now disclosed plans to build a new shopping center at the not-yet-completed Dorsey interchange. I find myself in the large group of locals who feel we've been "had!"

I think the best would be that said shopping center was never built at all. That said, there is one way I think that Mr. Jeter could vindicate himself and his project. That would be to convince Trader Joe's to be the anchor tenant. As many know, Trader Joe's has previously stated that they have no plans to locate in our community. Perhaps Mr. Jeter's people could spearhead a market survey to show just how many customers from all over would flock to a Trader Joe's here; it could redeem his project.

Otherwise, I fear said shopping center would be like the third drugstore built at Sutton and Brunswick — perhaps a money maker for the developer but pointless for the community. Further, I highly doubt that most tenants brought into a new Dorsey shopping center would significantly stem the shopping dollars flowing down the hill.

Jeff Russell


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