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Western Nevada County fire authority is exactly what we need

Finally. About time. I applaud the Grand Jury and its latest report on Nevada County Consolidated Fire District and the recommendation for a single fire authority in western Nevada County. As a former employee of NCCFD, everything I read is spot on.

I think it was "kind" that the Grand Jury will give not only NCCFD but other fire districts a couple of years to accomplish this task. That being noted, if the fire districts resist this change (and that is most certainly to happen), then the Nevada County Board of Supervisors could direct LAFCO to "begin the steps necessary to reorganize western Nevada County fire districts into one single fire authority." While the individual fire districts may feel this is not in their best interest, it is certainly in the best interest of the public they serve.

I was saddened, though not surprised, at the attitude of the Penn Valley FPD and Nevada City FD as stated in The Union's article, "Grand Jury: Time to reorganize." Only Grass Valley FD remained focused and neutral. It has been my experience that most boards and councils do not want to "give up" their individual authority. It is a shame that they continue to put their needs and egos ahead of what is in best interest of the public they serve.

While a JPA is a nice start, it does not come close to accomplishing the same goal as a single fire authority. Fire districts of western Nevada County, get past your egos and get this done for the public you serve or the board of supervisors and LAFCO will do it for you.

Lisa LaBarbera

Grass Valley

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