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Welcome, Ms. Oppendike

I was saddened when I read the letter from Sharon Oppendike this morning, in which she described the reaction of a man in her neighborhood, telling her to, "Go back where you came from!"

I thought this small-minded attitude was a thing of the past. My family was new to this area in 1965, when my father, Francis Matthewson, retired from 30 years in the Navy and got a job locally, flying helicopters for CalNat Airways, and later the U.S. Forestry. We moved here from San Diego when I was 10 years old. We too were treated like "outsiders" by the "Cousin Jacks" whose families had been here for many generations. I didn't experience that myself, but I often heard my parents discussing it. I graduated from the eighth grade at Mt. St. Mary's Academy, and later from Nevada Union High School. My father, mother and I contributed to the community in many ways.

After my husband retired after 26 years in the Air Force, we returned here to live, and our daughter graduated from NU. We love this area, and I have always considered it "home." It saddens me that some people in our community still feel this way about "outsiders." Ms. Oppendike, my family and I welcome you. I hope that you can ignore this one person's petty attitude and become a part of our community.

Tina Spriggs

Grass Valley

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