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Weighing in on the Constitution

It was with great interest that I read Mr. Chrisman's Other Voices piece, "Getting straight on the Constitution."

I was intrigued to hear, "… the states of the Union were doing just fine under the Articles of Confederation." I wonder how slaves at the time (freed finally by the 13th Amendment of the Constitution by those pesky progressives) would have responded to that statement?

According to Mr. Chrisman, "… every progressive proposal involves the use of force and violence against innocents to enforce compliance." Really? Did he mean the women's right to vote (19th Amendment)? The Voter Rights Act (15th Amendment)? Or maybe the lowering of voter age to 18, so those old enough to fight for their country in war could vote in it (26th Amendment)?

The founding fathers didn't think of everything. That's why we have 27 amendments to the Constitution. Many of them have their roots in the progressivism. The "howling in the wilderness" by the "precious few on the right" does point up a real crisis in this country: We just don't have enough wilderness for them to howl in.

Tim Stokes

Grass Valley

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