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Weapons displayed were symbolic

In a recent letter submitted by Mr. San French, he expressed dismay and disgust with a photo in The Union depicting me and three others removing the memorial plaque from the Dorsey overpass.

He accused us of using assault rifles during the removal of the plaque that was dedicated to one of our fellow Vietnam veterans who died for his country during that conflict. His name was Pfc. Cranford, and his memorial will be reinstalled on the overpass when it is completed. The photo depicted a local group ceremoniously honoring a local fellow Vietnam veteran, and yes, I think Pfc. Cranford would be proud. The weapons that were displayed were symbolic, just like the ones carried by the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

We invite you, Mr. French, to join us when the overpass is completed, and we reinstall the plaque.

Harold Graves, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 535

Nevada City

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