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We want to know what we’re eating

In November we'll vote on Proposition 37, "Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food." I don't know if GE food is good or bad for me, but I'd sure love to have it labeled so I can make my choice.

Many others will vote "yes," too, which is why the most prominent food gene engineer, the Monsanto corporation of St. Louis, has already contributed over $7 million to oppose Prop 37. What can Monsanto possibly say against labeling genetically engineered foods — that we're somehow better off when we don't know what we're eating?

Trust me, the ad agencies and state representatives in Monsanto's employ will blast us with ridiculous scares like, "Mandatory Labeling Will Cost Thousands of Jobs," "Prop 37 is a Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell," and, "Prop 37 will initiate the end of civilization as we know it." Such idiotic flak will stampede some voters, but most of us are wise to it by now.

Jeff Kane

Nevada City

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