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We need the best of both

In my opinion of 24 years of observation, the Terry Lamphier crowd gave us the South Yuba River State Park (Bridgeport), bicycle trails, walking trails in the county, promoted healthy rivers for organic farms and raised a voice against mine water poisoning.

They also frustrated a lot of people by restricting logging, which resulted in forests burning instead of being harvested. They spent money cleaning the Magenta Drain and now Empire Mine Park is in the red. They will not shut down one state park to save another. They lost the opportunity to have a very nice, spacious Loma Rica Ranch development.

In my opinion, the Dan Miller crowd promotes business and jobs, wants trees to be harvested and not burnt, wants Loma Rica Ranch to be developed and a dam built for water for people. However, they do not answer the telephone unless it is two weeks before an election. They want more shopping centers and freeway access for that purpose, Loma Rica Ranch developed whether crowded or not, don't like salmon, seem heedless that the rivers are drying up and unconscious of mines poisoning our drinking water.

Wouldn't it be nice if both parties would develop, as old-time ranchers and farmers say, some common sense?

Wouldn't be nice if we who live in this county could benefit from the good that both parties do and mitigate the bad and senseless?

It is too bad that the county board of supervisors is lopsided and cannot take the best of both!

Elise Hougesen

Grass Valley