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We need more benches

I can relate with the lady who found a German tourist trying to find a bench in Grass Valley where she could eat her sandwich. I am from Germany myself, although not at this time a tourist.

I have lived here for 30 years and love the area. However, I also regret that there are so few benches along our trails. At the popular Gracie ditch, which is over four miles long, there is one bench, and it is so close to the entrance that you are not ready to sit down when you get there. There are no benches on the trails at the Empire Mine. In Condon Park there are some benches, and also in Pioneer Park. The much-disputed boardwalk in Nevada City is very nice for sitting down and having a sandwich. I did this once and was not driven away.

In Germany, Austria and England, there are many walking trails with benches, usually provided by the municipality. This encourages walking, also for seniors who are in need of gentle exercise. Perhaps one day we will have more benches, since seniors are on the rise in this community.

Magdalene Jaeckel

Grass Valley

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