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We know ‘from many, we are one’

"From many, we are one." These words are found on the green side of the $1 bill and on coins of the United States government. "E pluribus unum" is written in Latin.

"Sequester" is a word used in connection with the United States economy and is defined in the dictionary as "to set apart; segregate; separation."

Since the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, to this year of 2013, 237 years have gone by. It seems rather strange that after all of those years, our government has not been able to reach a congenial, harmonious agreement on how our economy can work best. It used to be 25 cents for a gallon of gas. The very same amount of gas now costs $3.95. It was told to me that a loaf of bread in Hawaii now costs $8. Ice cream cones used to be 15 cents. Wow! Rather than the lame blame game, our government must search for workable economic solutions.

In some countries, economic limits are placed on essential items. Your idea for the economic solution has been waiting 237 years — please share it with all of us.


Dave Wilzbach

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