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We just need basic medical care 24/7 in Downieville

Reading the column by CEO Scott McFarland about the Western Sierra Medical Clinic (WSMC) and its wonderful services is like reading a paid advertisement.

There has been much upheaval in the Sierra County area of the WSMC. The board of "community leaders" left the west side of Sierra County wondering just who was on their side. The old WSMC, which was put together through the efforts of the Downieville Lions Club, Frank Lang, NP, and a host of others with help from federal funds, built a brand that Miner's Clinic was happy to use.

The usefulness to them became a drag when the clinic in Downieville did not have the numbers (of patients) and the dazzle of many different specialties. You see, what the clinic in Downieville has always provided is basic care and stabilization for emergency patients. This is not at all how the clinic in Grass Valley functions, as there are specialists and a hospital nearby.

We have no such luxury. We do not complain. Just give us the basics.

Leave us with an on-call person 24/7. That way, a stroke or a heart attack victim has a chance. Our ambulance service has close ties with the persons who are the staff at the clinic, not the same kind of relationship that the ambulance personnel have with a larger hospital staff with turnover in the Grass Valley area. If you want to come to the mountains and have a great time, but also know your medical needs can be met, if need be, then the Western Sierra Medical Clinic Board must continue to make progress toward providing what has always been and has always worked here.

We don't have to have the specialists that are at the Grass Valley Clinic, and we don't have to have a new building with all the bells and whistles. We need basic staff in the Downieville Western Sierra Medical Clinic.

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