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We all need to sacrifice, including the rich

I would have to rate Stan Meckler's recent piece about taxing the rich as rubbish.

No matter how discredited, the trickle-down fantasy, proffered by the rich to increase their wealth, still finds voice with some. The rich are getting richer at an accelerating rate; the poor are getting poorer. That's a fact documented by both independent and government analysts.

There is no direct association between taxes on personal incomes and increased prices at the grocery store or gas pump. Individuals with incomes more than $250,000 can afford a 4-5 percent increase in their taxes with minimal impact to their standard of living. If we ever have any hope of getting ourselves out of the huge national debt that both Democrats and Republicans have run up, it will require deep cuts in government spending and increases in taxes for those most capable of paying.

We all need to make sacrifices if we're to have a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Rich Howell

Nevada City

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