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Water pipelines as important as oil

Now that the drought of 2013-14 is over, it is time to look at what steps should be taken to prevent a future possible/probable drought from wreaking havoc in California (and other states).

The idea of building more dams to hold water, when we don't have enough water to fill the dams we have, is insane.

Dams are passive, in that they can only hold the water that comes down as rain or snow. Instead, we should be looking 20 years ahead, when, if there is global warming, we may have even worse droughts lasting years.

I would suggest that someone push the idea of the Pacific states coastal water pipeline, running north-south from Washington and even Alaska south to California (and Arizona, Texas and so forth). That should be followed by the northern tier pipeline, then the mid-states pipeline.

Water should be able to be pumped in either direction. The potential floodwaters of North Dakota could fill the California reservoirs which are empty.

We are so "good" at building oil and gas pipelines, we should be able to do this.

Dan Geffner

Grass Valley