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Waste Management needs options for people with disabilities

Today I received my new garbage and recycle containers. I am a person with disabilities who uses a walker 100 percent of the time.

I managed to get the containers into the garage with great difficulty and realized there is no way I am going to be able to move these containers back up the driveway, especially if there is anything in them.

I called Waste Management to see what alternatives there might be and was initially told if I could get the container to the top of the driveway they could manage from there — if I could do that there wouldn't be an issue.

The second recommendation was I could buy some device, from some other business, that would attach to the back of my car which would let me drive the containers to the top of the driveway. That's nice but then the containers are in the driveway and I would not be able to get my car to the street.

Waste Management said all I had to do was move the containers to the side of the driveway, clearly missing the point that I cannot move the containers. At this point I said it was clear that they did not have service plans for people with disabilities; a fact they did not deny.

Susie Fatheree

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