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Walker does not reflect values of local Tea Party

Considering the daily blunders from Washington, D.C., do we need to address the local Tea Party leadership? Alas, Michael Walker creates chaos and dissension, showing how little he understands the values of our hard-working Tea Party members.

As an active four-year member of NCTP (and board member for most of those years), I am qualified to speak on behalf of Nancy Garcia, our president.

I personally have spent many years as a committed volunteer in various organizations. I can honestly say I have never worked with a more honest, diplomatic, dedicated and loyal individual than Nancy Garcia. I have no doubt hundreds of local members would agree with this statement.

Mr. Walker's unprincipled words, aimed at our president, would be more appropriately applied to himself. Mr. Walker has an agenda that is not in sync with the values of the NCTP, and without those shared values, it seems appropriate that he no longer be part of NCTP. Mr. Walker owes NCTP, and Nancy Garcia, an apology.

Lou Wilson

Penn Valley

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