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Walk for Life a newsworthy event

Since Jan. 28, I have waited to see if The Union would report on the big pro-life rally in San Francisco, a follow-up to the national Walk for Life in Washington, D.C., the previous day with more than 500,000 mostly young people attending.

A large group of dedicated Christians from Grass Valley joined 50,000 other enthusiastic pro-lifers of California at the Civic Center in San Francisco to give public witness to the "fundamental human right to life and dignity of each member of our human family, especially the unborn children."

Speakers at this Walk for Life West Coast included top leaders of the pro-life movement, followed by the archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cardileone, and the Pope's representative to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, who delivered the Pope's special message and benediction. Seeing the enthusiasm of young pro-lifers, Vigano told them: "You are the best of the United States of America!" This rally was a powerful testimony for God's gift of life.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

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