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Voting Christian values

In a recent paper, Buck Weckman urges Christians to vote Republican. As a fellow Christian, I strongly suggest that he reconsider.

There is no Christian political party in the USA: neither Democrats nor Republicans represent Christ. Many devout Christians belong to each party. For myself, I try to base my vote on a few simple Christian values that Christ clearly practiced and preached. Christ taught us to love all, to feed the poor, to free the oppressed, to speak the truth and to heal the sick.

Today, Republicans stand opposed to education, workers' rights, clean air and water, retirement, decent wages, paying war debts, and even to basic food relief while championing the privileges of the ultra rich to lower tax rates than workers, freedom from financial regulation, and tremendous influence over our laws and elections.

Barack Obama and his running mate are Christians and his political party and his personal efforts, however imperfectly, strongly reflect many Christian values. I strongly urge all Christians to think clearly and to carefully reexamine the deceptive practices and disastrous results of the Republican's consistently anti-Christian values over the past three decades.

Stan Thomas-Rose

Grass Valley

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