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Vote Yes on Prop. 37

I have read that the world is watching what happens in California with Prop 37.

Ninety countries aggressively restrict or ban genetically modified imports. Why? Recently a French research team published its results after testing for two years the effects of GM corn on rats — two years instead of the 90 days required by U.S. regulators. The rats developed high levels of cancer and abnormally giant tumors all over their bodies. The results were published in the peer-reviewed "Food and Chemical Toxicology." The terrible photos can be easily found on the Internet.

Yet we in America are told that GM foods are safe and that we do not need to know what foods they are in. I agree with the EU, with Japan, with India. We do need to know what is in the foods we buy so that we may have a choice in what we buy. GM foods are engineered to do many things. Many are modified to endure more pesticides, which we then eat. GM foods should not be sold as "perfectly safe for human consumption" without further long-term testing.

I urge a yes vote on Prop. 37

Jan Tache

Penn Valley