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Vote “yes” on 32 for California

It's time to cut the money tie between powerful corporations and unions who will say and do anything to keep their hold on Sacramento!

A "YES on Prop. 32" would ban both corporations and unions from using mandatory employee payroll deductions for political purposes without written consent from employees. Both could still donate unlimited sums to independent expenditure campaigns, which is considered constitutionally protected free speech. But, this could be the first step toward changing the power in Sacramento from special interest money influence to grass roots organizations, small businesses, and the voters of California.

To defeat Prop 32 labor unions have donated $43 million including almost $17 million from the California Teacher's Union. Ads to defeat Prop. 32 say …" it isn't what it seems" but it is exactly what it seems.

Passing Prop 32 will help change the status quo and make our representatives in Sacramento more responsible to the voters of our state and not to the big money donors.

Nancy Brost

Nevada City

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