Vote for Robert Tice-Raskin and Scott Hopper |

Vote for Robert Tice-Raskin and Scott Hopper

As a former member of the Pleasant Ridge Union School Board of Trustees, I am pleased to endorse Robert Tice-Raskin and Scott Hopper as trustees of the district board.

I know both of these candidates to be fiscally responsible individuals with solid commitments to the maintenance of the district's outstanding achievements in academic excellence and who wish to ensure that the district is able to continue to offer a broad realm of programs and services through sound fiscal management.

They are not beholden to special interests, but rather serve our district solely out of a commitment to education and a heart for community service. I am confident that as trustees, these principles will drive their decisions.

Both of these candidates are very effectively serving the district at this time. During this time of very challenging and uncertain economic circumstances, we need their experience and leadership more than ever!

They have no "hidden agendas," and both currently bring to the position fresh and objective perspectives coupled with a level of integrity that is beyond reproach.

Mitch Hanna, past member

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