Vote for Lamphier |

Vote for Lamphier

I have known Terry Lamphier for 10 years, and though he is not my supervisor — and knowing Mr. Dan Miller — I feel that I should discuss my views regarding the differences between these two candidates, and why I feel Terry Lamphier is an asset to our community and should receive the community's support.

In the time that Mr. Miller has started running for supervisor in District 3, he has completely abandoned his original political platform and "adopted" Mr. Lamphier's platform in telling us that he's for "smart" small-town conservative growth, yet when you look at his tenure in Grass Valley, it's not quite what most of us envision.

In 2008-2009, Grass Valley purchased a number of properties for $1.1 million, now with a value of $35,000 to $65,000. Several Grass Valley city administrators now make more than the CEO of Nevada County, serving 12,000 people. Five million dollars was taken from the fund to repair the streets in Grass Valley and put toward the Dorsey Drive interchange. Now, I'm OK with not taking an additional one minute to get to the hospital, but if this was the intent (as we were told), then shouldn't we just build the off ramps?

Brad Peceimer

Grass Valley

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