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Volunteer fair board

Our fair board was cautioned: "If you would just agree with 'us,' you could unite our community once again. It's all up to you."

Some folks against elephants at the fair have done a very efficient job of dividing our community. Now that the fair board has decided, it is the board that is vilified for bringing disharmony to our community.

What I take from Jerry Henderson's piece is: Clearly, it is shameful if you disagree with "us." Clearly, you are neither rational nor intelligent if you disagree with "us." Because you have not accepted "our" demands, we will discredit and disparage you to a point that no politician will have the courage to be associated with you, not even the governor.

Thank you, Jerry, for revealing to us all the most important page from the Saul Alinsky Playbook: "Destroy those who disagree with you."

Despite Jerry's attempts to convince you otherwise, the volunteers sitting on our fair board are among the most upstanding, accomplished and beloved members of our community.

Shameful? Irrational? Unintelligent? Your attempts to divide are still showing, Jerry.

Take your arguments for banning elephants to the state legislature, where it belongs.

Tim McCall

Grass Valley