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V.S. Moran: Vote them all out

What is wrong with us getting direct benefits from our taxes? Benefits we see, feel, understand, and that prolong our lives, the quality of our lives, and those of our children, grandchildren? Absolutely nothing.

Apparently, however, all the California representatives listed below find something wrong with this. They just voted to gut our benefits, including Medicare, while keeping their own that we pay for. Can there be no greater hypocrisy?

Do you know someone who lives in these cities/regions? Cut this out and send it to them and tell them to vote these people out in the next election. For us, it is Mr. LaMalfa. Vote him out. Vote them all out. We have a right to get direct benefits for our tax dollars.

Rep. Ken Calvert (Corona); Rep. Paul Cook (Yucca Valley); Rep. Jeff Denham (Turlock); Rep. Duncan Hunter (Alpine); Rep. Darrell Issa (Vista); Rep. Steve Knight (Palmdale); Rep. Doug LaMalfa (Richvale); Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Bakersfield); Rep. Tom McClintock (Elk Grove); Rep. Devin Nunes (Tulare); Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (Costa Mesa); Rep. Ed Royce (Fullerton); Rep. David Valadao (Hanford); Rep. Mimi Walters (Irvine).

V.S. Moran

Grass Valley

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