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‘Unthinking’ devotion to the Democratic Party

Mr. Byron York, regarding your opinion piece published on May 1, I say this: You obviously are enthralled with the ultra-liberal Ms. Warren, since you describe Ms. Clinton as "over-centrist like her husband."

Your implication, then, is that Ms. Warren will excite the most-liberal wing of the Democratic Party as Ms. Clinton did not.

Guess what, though: you give discussion of the qualifications of neither Ms. Warren, nor of Ms. Clinton.

Why? Perhaps because you can think of no reason that either is qualified to be president of the United States other than the fact that they are liberal female Democrats.

Hardly what a thinking public should consider when electing anyone to the position of president.

I would expect that a reputable columnist would present a more interesting evaluation of candidates besides simply stating the obvious: "Democrats are going to realize the precariousness of their unthinking devotion to a single, flawed candidate," whoever that might be.

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Maybe you should even evaluate the potential Republican candidates. But you wouldn't want to do that. You might disrupt, in your words "the unthinking devotion" of the members of the Democratic Party.

Norton Lehner

Grass Valley

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