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Unsung hero deserves recognition

I am compelled to write a letter to an unsung hero.

I have been a school teacher in the Nevada City School District for more than 20 years. Many wonderful educators have come and gone, some retiring, but some, unfortunately, let go due to budget constraints.

In light of the honor of California Distinguished School presented to Deer Creek Elementary, and of recent articles, I felt the need to mention one of the many people who paved the way for part of that honor. Her name is Doreen Baldock.

Doreen came to Deer Creek School and used her expertise as a nurse to create a complete health and fitness program. Her Cafe' Fruite' program was outstanding and earned honors from the state. She created an all- around physical education component, much to the delight of the children. You can ask hundreds of former students and they will remember her. Her energy, countless hours of unpaid work, and love for the health of all children will not be forgotten. Doreen was the inspiration behind the fitness program of Deer Creek School and as a former physical education teacher myself, I thank you. We all wish you well Doreen!

Emily Fevinger

Grass Valley

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