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Unnecessary fear of Obamacare

For the third time, another frantic senior citizen came to me for information about Obamacare because she had been very frightened by mailers and rumors against it. They were all afraid they have to do something to avoid catastrophe. This cruelly induced anxiety is physically endangering, making collateral damage out of innocent elders usually unconcerned with politics.

Please, if you're over 65, on Medicare and have supplementary insurance, you have to do nothing. If anything, your prescription costs will become lower because the "donut hole" put in by an earlier Congress will close next year. And while new supplementary programs may become available later through the exchanges, they will not differ much from what you already have.

Obamacare is mostly aimed at younger persons and is not what the naysayers claim. Affordable plans for everyone through the exchanges without regard to pre-existing conditions, the end of lifetime limits, and the ability to keep children on your plan through age 26 are all benefits that will be liked by the public. Hence, political and pro-insurance lobbies are ginning up fear and anger against it.

If you're older than 65, don't worry about being in the crossfire. Your Medicare is your bulletproof vest.

Bill Trzeciak

Penn Valley

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