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UC hiring of Napolitano is slap in the face

The recruiting and hiring of Janet Napolitano to be the new president of the University of California system is a slap in the face to all Californians, as well as to the American people.

This is a woman who, like all of her cohorts in the Obama administration, refused to uphold the United States Constitution, which she, as all the others, swore an oath to. Not only that, but she has no experience in the field of academia! What a scam! And she was recruited by the U.C. regents!

Appalling! Not only should she not be allowed to fill the president's chair, but she should, as should all of the members of the Obama administration, be put up on charges for failing to fulfill their oath to the people of the U.S. We do not need any more liberal law-breakers to occupy high-paying, highly influential offices in our state or national offices. Throw out the whole lot of them!

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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