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U.S. Senate out of control

The framers of the Constitution feared an all-powerful federal government. With great purpose, they included safeguards to prevent a shift in power from the various states to a centralized government.

The Senate recently broke their own rules to change the rules. One enabler of such a cynical act is most certainly the 17th Amendment (1913).

Prior to the amendment, most U.S. Senators were appointed by their state legislature (Article 1, Section 3).

The reason: to exert significant influence over their representatives in the Senate. The various states, had they still retained influence, would not have sanctioned this historical power-grab.

Currently, under the 17th Amendment, senators are elected by a majority vote of the people, sent to Washington and absorbed into the power structure with no consolidated authority to which they answer (i.e. state legislatures).

We are losing our country to an all-powerful, ever-expanding federal government.

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Is there a remedy short of anarchy? Yes, Article V of the Constitution.

Article V offers a state convention for proposing amendments to the Constitution. The amendments are ratified by the states. Congress is bypassed altogether.

Repeal the 17th Amendment.

Reference made to the recent book: "The Liberty Amendments."

Tim McCall

Grass Valley

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