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Typical leftist commentary

The Feb. 16 "New revolution has already begun" Other Voices by Dr. Thomas Streicher is typical leftist commentary.

While criticizing capitalism, he conveniently left out the fact that strong economic growth has lifted hundreds of millions throughout the developed and developing world out of poverty over many decades. Yes, many of those are falling back as citizens in America, Europe and Japan support a dominant government based upon fairness. The divine doctor also failed to mention that most seniors, obese or not, happily spend whatever it takes at the end of life to stay alive. High and rising health care is the biggest cost issue in our federal budget and is ignored by our shallow electorate. They support more deficits, debt, dependency, high unemployment and rising unfunded entitlement liabilities. What's fair about that?

All of the above just mortgages our children's future … but who cares?

The fix is quite simple. Seniors must support a long, healthy life and a short, unhealthy one. Also, we must replace anti-growth policies with more extreme penalties for those who break our business law. Now … that's fairness.

Rick Farwell

Penn Valley

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