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Turn that flag right-side up

Recently I was passing through Alta Sierra, where I live, and less then one-half mile from Dog Bar Road there is a house where the family has really done up their yard with Christmas decorations.

I'm talking almost over-the-top, I-love-my-country decorations.

Anyway, they also have a very nice flagpole concreted in and done right. Well, for about two weeks now, when I pass by, they have their flag upside down. Every time I see that or think about their upside down flag, it really bothers me. Is there a legitimate reason for this happy American family to hang an upside-down flag, and is that wrong for me to ring their doorbell and ask? I can't believe no one has said or done something about this, like take away their rights as a citizen.

Please tell me this is not the first letter you have received concerning this matter.

Cory Chapman

Alta Sierra

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