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Treasures at the WOW Reshop

Recently I started working at the Women of Worth ReShop on Grass Valley Avenue by the Nevada County Airport. Little did I know what an amazing experience I was in for!

I work with mostly volunteers, all fun, energetic, imaginative, wonderful individuals. The customers who shop there are as varied as the merchandise we have. Treasure hunters, antique collectors, dealers and people who by either nature or need have to stretch each dollar.

Going through the donations we receive is a combination of Christmas morning and Halloween night. It maybe a crystal bowl, a collectible doll, a George Foreman grill or a miner's smudge pot from the 1800s. This past week we set up a wedding table. A donor who used to be in that line of business gave us ring pillows, satin flower-girl baskets and head bands and keep-sake boxes. All brand new, bargain priced! We just received a beautiful set of executive office furniture. Come see our 1880s' reed organ, new bedding sets, clothing and our children's room.

When you shop, donate or volunteer at the WOW ReShop, you help victims of domestic violence in our community. Ask us about our Loyalty Program.

Annamaria S. Sauer

WOW volunteer