Trail art wastes grant dollars |

Trail art wastes grant dollars

I thought the following quote about the trail art vandalism was hilarious. Nancy Fleming: "It makes me embarrassed to be a part of this community to a certain degree."

Well, I'm embarrassed to live in a community that spent $70,000 in grant money on statues of golden dog poop in a time when people are seriously hurting in this community.

The problem with these environmental groups is they don't recognize or care that these large sums of money are given to them under the impression that they are helping the environment. People don't understand the misuse of those trusted funds. For many of us, it takes years of hard work to earn that same $70,000, to feed and care for our families while barely scraping by. I'd love to see some community outrage.

I just hope to God these grants are not using our tax dollars and are private donations. Hate to think that my or your hard-earned money is being spent like that. Embarrassed, Nancy? You're not the only one!

Karen Markulis

Grass Valley

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