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‘Top two’ voter system limits choices

Your editorial on Feb. 15, "Choice is good, especially on Election Day," was quite ironic. Just a few days ago you featured an article that applauded the "Top Two" system, which is a system designed to remove "choice" from elections.

In the last Congressional election. I attended the candidates' night, as I always do, and decided, based on the discussion, that I would vote for candidate Jim Reed. When the election came in November, however, I did not have the "choice" to vote for Jim because two members of the other party were the "top two."

I cannot believe that the "top two" system has not already been overturned, since it makes it very likely that some voters will be disenfranchised, as I was in that last election. I hope it will be changed soon. I have always voted, and I do not like a system that endangers my right to vote.

Audrey Ohlson Smith

Grass Valley

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