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‘Top two’ system needs to go

If you are a supporter of Heidi Hall for Congress in District 1, and if you are also a registered Democrat, it is urgent that you vote in June. Since the voter-initiated "top two" system was established, there is unfortunately the possibility that Heidi Hall will not even be on the November ballot. This happened in 2012 when Jim Reed, the Democratic candidate, was not even on the November ballot because two Republicans were the "top two" in this area. I had gone to the Candidates' Night, as I always do, and decided to vote for Jim Reed.

However, as a voter, I was completely disenfranchised!

I hope that someone will soon challenge the legality of the "top two" system. In so many parts of the state, one party predominates and is likely to have the "top two" names on the ballot. Minor parties are probably disenfranchised in every district.

I have always cast a vote and will continue to do so. I am deeply troubled, however, by a system that could permanently disenfranchise me in my voting district. It also weakens the usual November voter election by guaranteeing that many voters will not be fairly represented at the polls in November.

Audrey Ohlson Smith

Grass Valley

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