Top 2 percent need to pay their fair share |

Top 2 percent need to pay their fair share

Please advise Mr. Boehner to take the advice of the American people and make the richest 2 percent of taxpayers start paying their fair share of taxes.

Going back to Clinton-era tax rates (when we had a budget surplus and we added more jobs than during Bush's disastrous tenure) will certainly not put a strain on the most prosperous among us. As Robert Frank of Cornell says in the NY Times: "On Day 1 of the new Congressional session, (Obama) could propose legislation that would restore the Bush tax cuts for families with incomes under $250,000. Republicans could then vote in favor, in which case the president gets exactly what he had hoped for; or they could vote against, in which case they will have blocked a reduction in almost every voter's tax rates. They may wish that these weren't the alternatives they face, but both sides know that many Republicans would find the second option politically untenable."

I think Mr. Obama has shown that he is happy to meet you halfway, but the American people are pretty definite that it is time for the Repubs to do their job and govern.

Wayne Hild

Nevada City

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