Too much cheer for the Marching Presidents? |

Too much cheer for the Marching Presidents?

I am always so proud of our community for the enthusiasm expressed at our Constitution Day Parade. All of the families gathered on the shady side of the street to enjoy this unique hometown event is truly heartwarming. Thank you to all of the Shriners and Freemasons who put out so much effort to be here and make this special event.

I was a bit alarmed, however, when the Famous Marching Presidents stopped at the corner and one of the first ladies was barely able to remain upright. She appeared so intoxicated that her partner had to support her to stand. It was truly shocking that she was even able to walk. Everyone on the corner was staring at her, and some even offered to help. My young niece was quite alarmed and even asked what was wrong with that lady. I told her that the woman was just really hot in her costume. Perhaps in the future, our Famous Marching Presidents could hold off on the partying until after the parade?

Teresa Lewis

Nevada City

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