Too many phone books! |

Too many phone books!

Am I the only one in the county who notices that we are up to our armpits in unwanted Yellowbooks, YellowPages, YP or Gold Country telephone directories, etc.?

Why do we have laws that prohibit littering, but allow these companies to toss their books on every driveway and under every community mailbox that they can find.

It's time for the county to step up and make these companies follow the same rules as the rest of the community. If I want something delivered to a friend or neighbor, I either put it in the mail or deliver it to their door. Why should Yellow Pages vendors be treated differently?

There is an opt-out address at but I've used it in the past and it hasn't stuck. Why should a homeowner be required to waste time asking for something to not be tossed on their driveway? We should enforce existing laws that prohibit these people from trashing our property and our sidewalks.

If The Union wants pictures of masses of unwanted books, call me.

Come on, Nevada County, step up and let these people know that they are breaking our laws and we're not going to take it anymore.

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Ray Bryars

Nevada City

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