To permit or not? |

To permit or not?

In the City of Grass Valley, if you want to remove a tree from your property you need to get a permit. This costs $129. You fill out the paperwork and mark the tree. If approved after city inspection they send you a notice to post on the tree for 10 days.

If no one protests, after the appeal period, the city sends you a letter of approval. After removal you must plant another tree because the city "values the contribution which such trees make to the beauty and quality of life in Grass Valley."

Think that is over the top? You can start a business, buy a home in a neighborhood zoned for single family homes, move in mentally ill substance abusers with no supervision, charge rent, no permit required. If these tenants don't work out, you could always contract with someone else to bring in state prisoners transitioning, or any other group you choose. If the first house works out, you could buy another and your business keeps growing. I hope the city council will fix this oversight. Thank you, Mayor Miller, for taking the time on a Sunday to listen to us.

Gary Smith

Grass Valley

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