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Tired of Consolidated Fire’s tail wagging the dog

Consolidated Fire, Consolidated Fire, Consolidated Fire.

When will the Peyton Place of Northern California Fire Service issue come to an end?

As a lifelong fire person and former fire chief, I feel it's time to put the issue to bed. The case of the tail wagging the dog should have never started. When the tail wags uncontrolled and is told to stop by the head (the chief), it should be over. The tail here started wagging fast around the head, and the head snapped back, "Stop it, behave yourself."

The tail went to the humane society (firefighters union) and said the head threatened him and demanded action. The humane society took the issue to the head of the canine local association (board of directors) and demanded the head be cut off. The canine association, afraid of the tail, had the head cut off.

Now, without a good head, the body parts started failing and the dog started dying. The canine association started blaming each other instead of having a fair hearing of the problem. One thing led to another, and now we have a dog with no head and a dog body no one really cares for.

Who is guarding the property?

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As a dog owner, "I" do not allow his tail to try to set the "rules." The canine association should have had enough courage to stand up to the humane society and tell them it's their duty to govern the situation and that we will stand by our "dog."

Al Hoffmeyer

Cedar Ridge

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