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Time for a change

Last weekend in Sonoma County's wine country, I observed a late-model Chrysler 300 sedan with governmental plates registered to the California Department of Motor Vehicles and was wondering why any DMV employee would be issued such a luxurious vehicle in these times of dire economic conditions and state budgetary concerns (current cost for this model is from the high $30,000s to the low $40,000s).

In his previous role as governor, Jerry ("Moonbeam") Brown (himself, no chauffeur) drove an older, nondescript Plymouth, adhering to his monkish belief ideologies. Perhaps it was purchased by the hidden slush fund in the Parks and Recreation Department? Something else is "fishy in Denmark" beside the current scandalous, calamitous and, yes, murderous behavior of our elected representatives in Washington.

Weldon Travis

Rough and Ready

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