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Tice-Raskin qualified for Nevada County judge

Voting for an open judge position is a rare occurrence, and one in which we usually know far less about the candidates than other offices. But this time around is different. I know one of the candidates for the Nevada County Superior Court — Robert Tice-Raskin — and I would urge every Nevada County voter to make him your choice as well.

As a federal prosecutor, civil litigator, and Judge Pro Tem, Rob is more than qualified to fill the seat being vacated by Judge Dowling. He is endorsed by over 20 judges in Nevada, Placer, and surrounding counties. He resides in South County with his pediatrician wife, Sandi, and their five school-aged children.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Rob to help our local schools, in after-hours academic programs, and on our kids swimming team. He is smart, level-headed and a creative problem solver. As a current statewide policy maker, I have seen many elected and appointed positions filled with quality people doing good work. Rob fits within that community of folks that is both competent and personable.

Rob is committed to Nevada County. I urge your vote for him.

Jon Costantino

Grass Valley

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