This is the real Obamacare |

This is the real Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act has canceled as many existing health insurance policies as it has signed up new ones. Obama announced 7.1 million new sign-ups on his website — prove it!

As the CBO writes,"CBO and JCT project that, as a result of the ACA, between 6 and 7 million fewer people will have employment-based insurance coverage each year from 2016 through 2024 than would be the case in the absence of the ACA estimates."

Further, to the contractor who wrote to The Union the other day describing a Blue Shield plan that had lower deductibles and added more coverage — he failed to mention the ACA has subsidies on the other end. So, his neighbors are subsidizing his plan.

He should have thanked his neighbors, not President Obama.

M. James Currier

Nevada City

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