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‘There’s nothing there?’

For many months, The Union has given its readers regular updates on the progress of the Gold Country Lender Fraud Case. The recent "resignation" by Mr. Ken Tribby as a public defender in this case begs the following questions:

1. Mr. Tribby has supposedly been working on this case for nearly a year. Yet his replacement attorney, Mary Beth Acton, in a request for continuance has stated, "I'm at ground zero … what I got from Mr. Tribby was inconsequential — there's nothing there."

This reader, an alleged victim in this case, as well as possibly many Nevada Country residents, would like to know the extent of Mr. Tribby's compensation for nearly a year to produce "there's nothing there?" Not to mention the cost of delay and redundant expenses for replacement legal representation?

2. Considering the high anticipated cost of this case, if Mr. Tribby was compensated for producing "nothing," are taxpayers entitled to a refund of overages?

Ken Wurzel

Grass Valley

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