There’s got to be a better way |

There’s got to be a better way

The Union recently ran a poll on what addiction is causing the biggest problems to Nevada County, and at the time I viewed the results, marijuana was at the bottom of the list. I find these results fascinating, as you would expect marijuana to be at the top of the list with all the focus law enforcement places on cannabis cultivators. It seems that the public is way ahead of our elected officials when it comes to this issue.

Meth and heroin placed first and second in the poll, scoring a whopping 70.36 percent between them. Alcohol and prescription drugs took the third- and fourth-place positions and accounted for 21.45 percent of the votes. Marijuana came in last at 8.19 percent.

While I voted for meth as the worst problem, I was surprised by how low prescription drugs rated in the poll — a meager 9.12 percent. Accidental overdoses of prescriptions drugs far exceed those of heroin and meth combined and account for many people's descent into addiction. Prescriptions for drugs like Adderol have skyrocketed over the last decade. Read the label and you will find that Adderol is methamphetamine, and we give this drug out by the truckload to children as young as 6 years old. Oxycotin is heroin on steroids, and prescriptions for this deadly drug — along with accidental overdoses — have grown exponentially since its introduction.

I've been against legalization because I do not want anyone to lose focus that cannabis is medicine, and I do not want patients thrown under the bus when legalization is realized in California. On the positive side, by legalizing marijuana, many cottage industries have sprung up in Colorado that are attracting tourists from around the world.

As a result, hotel rooms are booked months in advance, and businesses from restaurants to tourist attractions are breaking records.

Gerry Fedor

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