There goes my food bill for November |

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There goes my food bill for November

A bill! From the state of California State Board of Equalization! I received in the mail Oct. 10, 2012. This bill is for the period July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012, with the amount due of $115. The first of many bills, I guess! I am a disabled senior living in Mt. Air Mobile Park in Grass Valley. I do not own this property, but I rent a space for my mobile home in this park. I pay a tag fee for my mobile home each year but not property tax. I do not think it is fair to have to pay this tax/fee! I want first to say I am on a limited income, having lived in Grass Valley for the past 10 years. Trying to live on such a small income, I have worked all my life and was widowed in 1996! I think this billing notice we all were sent here in my mobile home park is not in our best interest. It is going to take all my food money for the month of November to pay this $115. I called this State Board of Equalization, and this place has no low-income help! They intimated me! If I don't pay this bill, it would go to collections. I could pay in payments, but they would tack interest on this. It is not fair to have such a short time to pay this fee or tax! One week, a notice came telling us the bill was coming — the next week a bill!

Please help us low-income seniors. We cannot afford this!

Susan Boone

Grass Valley