Theft at hospice thrift store a new low |

Theft at hospice thrift store a new low

I am a volunteer at Hospice Thrift and work one afternoon each week. I volunteer to thank hospice for the care my family has received in the past and will probably receive in the future.

It is impossible for me to believe that someone would steal from our thrift store in Nevada City, yet it happened last Thursday. While I was showing a young woman the rings, she slipped the most expensive one in her shopping bag. There is no doubt that she took the ring as it clearly shows her doing so on the security camera. It also shows a clear picture of her face, and she could easily be identified in a police lineup if necessary.

Hospice Thrift Store in Nevada City gets very nice items donated by thoughtful people to help with the cost of caring for the terminally ill people in Nevada County. So we don't need customers like this lady to be a repeat shopper. We do appreciate all of the honest customers and welcome them as shoppers. There are great bargains to be had throughout the store.

I wonder if this dishonest women has or will ever use hospice care for a family member?

It is something to think about. I am still upset.

Mary King

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