The United Socialist States of America? |

The United Socialist States of America?

Nevada County Democrats Chairman Jim Firth recently submitted a letter to "The Union" recklessly stating that to prevent gridlock in Washington (and elsewhere) everyone should vote for only Democrats.

He states that because voter registration leans heavier to the to his side, all of the problems in Washington would be cured. How absurd! Democrats have been a large part of the problems nationally for the past half century. To suggest that perpetuating the lies of Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton before him, by electing Hillary Clinton and keeping Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in power is not only ridiculous but dangerous. The framers of the Constitution purposely wanted checks and balances in our system. Mr. Firth's suggestion eliminates that aspect. Our current president already does not abide by the Constitution and rules by pen and phone alone. Jim Firth and his liberal ideals, if followed, would lead us to the downfall of the United States and to a new country known as The United Socialist States of America.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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