The Union helps create a feeling of community |

The Union helps create a feeling of community

This is an open letter to Mary Anne Davis, The Union's event and sponsorship manager:

I read your recent editorial in paper, outlining many of The Union's valued activities. Good for you! Everything you said gets applause from me, but I want to stress another point.

I am not an expert about towns, but one only has to read or hear about what is going on in the big towns and cities to realize how fortunate we are here in this beautiful setting — above the hot flatlands and below the rugged steep Sierras. We have so many pluses. Our cousin cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City are not only compatible, but each are unique in their different charms.

And … quietly working in the background is The Union. I think The Union has been able to prod readers to think of many things for people to do by sharing stories of people's activities. You spread ideas with your reports of the wide variety of productive, helpful, inspirational, artistic, caring, (and more), people – making this an alive, productive, cohesive community with the reaching out to even more activities.

Without The Union we could easily become a variety of areas, easily clumped geographically into many separate areas, living isolated, selfishly focused lives … areas which could easily become unpleasant neighbors to one another.

Our cousin-community thinks "we" not '"you and them."

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Thanks, Mary Anne, for your good story. Enjoy your work. You must be very good at it.

Audine Smith

Nevada City

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