The Union always seeking citizen reporters |

The Union always seeking citizen reporters

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with The Union's publisher, Dave Schmall, and managing editor, Brian Hamilton, during a morning get together at Summer Thyme's Bakery in Grass Valley. The meeting was well attended by local business owners and concerned citizens who all had great input for The Union brass. An overlying theme from attendees was the need for a better way to become more active in getting newsworthy information to the reporters at The Union.

There is always the telephone and even email online for latest info:

With The Union's latest website upgrade, however, even more options exist for "citizen reporters" than ever before! Someone with a smart phone/tablet or other Internet connected device can now submit a newsworthy story by going to the "Contribute" page of website:

Here you will find a great collection of online forms to submit Letters to the Editor, report on community events and even submit all kinds of announcements.

Dave and Brian were very open to having the community become more interactive in helping their staff provide quality and timely news to the readership of western Nevada County. I have used this feature successfully to help the sports editor, Walter Ford, enhance his coverage of local high school sports by submitting a picture and brief story, so I know that it is a great tool.

If you have a great story for The Union, don't hesitate to become a citizen reporter!

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Jim Gulsvig

Penn Valley

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